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Having got access to the Indonesian economy, the foreign companies, however, less all were guided by interests of the country. The only reference point for them. as one would expect, there was a receiving the maximum profits.

Thus, for economic activity of the Indonesian state lines, typologically general for many countries of the developing world going on a capitalist way namely that the supporting role is assigned to the state in this process in general are characteristic.

The current model of economic development of Indonesia represents one of options of "mixed economy", the Emphasis thus is placed on use of market methods, however the role of the state in the economic mechanism of the country is rather high.

Foreign economic relations of "the new industrial countries" is the most important link of their economic development. The main form of such communications of NIS is foreign trade. The level of development of foreign trade of NIS, its character, structure and the geographical direction considerably define a role and a place of these countries in world system of the economic relations.

Goods of mass consumer appointment, first of all production of manufacturing industry became the main article of export practically of all NIS. On realization in the world market of such goods as footwear, clothes, textiles, separate types of electronic and electrotechnical products, NIS overtook many developed capitalist countries. Industrially developed states became the main sales market of finished products for NIS.

Article of import of NIS, the second for the importance, are the processed products, first of all semi-finished products for branches of the multinational corporation and local firms using foreign technology; electronic components, separate knots and details for quickly developing in NIS of the electronic and electrotechnical industry. Here also import of combined sets for automotive industry and other branches of a machine-building complex joins.

Manufacturing industry became the leading branch of economic development of NIS. For NIS higher growth rates of labor productivity in this branch are characteristic in general. In comparison with other freed countries growth rates of labor productivity are in separate NIS at the level of the developed capitalist countries or even exceed it. In NIS the process of restructuring of economy directed on increase in a share of the knowledge-intensive production in industrial production began.

Rates of economic development of the majority of NIS considerably exceed similar indicators not only the developing states but also much of the developed capitalist countries. Prompt growth of economy caused increase in the absolute sizes of the gross domestic product (GDP), including per capita. On these indicators of NIS in general also advance bulk of the freed states, and some of them come nearer to certain industrialized countries. In structure of GDP the specific weight of internal accumulation is rather great, and in Asian NIS but it is more, than in the majority of the industrial states. On production of separate types of an industrial output including its knowledge-intensive types, NIS came to the leading positions in world economy.

At last, serious discontent among local enterprise circles was caused with that foreign investors received, in their opinion, too big privileges that put the foreign companies, in essence, in a monopoly position in the Indonesian market.

That fact that Indonesia achieved the status of the greatest favored in trade and big quotas of export of finished goods to the countries of the West, especially the USA, fairly it is considered here much more important than any foreign help and investments.

The new authorities actively were engaged in adjustment of interregional cooperation, having acted as the initiator of creation of the ASEAN urged to stimulate economic and cultural cooperation of the countries of Southeast Asia.

Besides, active process of expansion of foreign economic relations of NIS, their specialization on export of an industrial output were favorably reflected in structure of their GDP: considerably the share of manufacturing industry increased that undoubtedly points to growth of welfare of these countries.