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The goods which are traditionally exported to Singapore are: oil products (51,5 mln. dollars), fertilizers (19,7 mln. dollars), abrasive materials (19,5 mln. dollars), cast iron (15,2 mln. dollars), cars and equipment (11,3 mln. dollars), fabrics (8,1 mln. dollars), fish and seafood (6,3 mln. dollars).

The large industrial capacity of Singapore which is not limited to an electronic prmyshlennost, its position of the leading monetary, transport and shopping center in Southeast Asia create objective prerequisites for further development of trade and economic relations with this country, including with regions of the Far East, wide use of various forms of cooperation.

Main objective of creation of society is wholesale trade in goods of the nomenclature In/about "Almazyuvelireksport" (diamonds, jewelry, precious metals) in the countries of Southeast Asia. Besides, any import transactions of the nomenclature of association can be object of activity of society under the charter.