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Accommodation and food belong to the main services. Registration living in hotel and decreasing from it has to be made round the clock. In the organizations of public catering, communication and consumer services placed in hotel, the persons living in hotel are served out of turn.

Tourist services including within hotel service, are carried to welfare services. They are under construction on the principles of modern hospitality that raises their role in development of domestic tourism, and also sets certain tasks in system of training for tourist and hotel service.

Value and role of tourism presently for development of economy of the states, satisfactions of inquiries of the personality, mutual enrichment of social communications between the countries it is impossible to overestimate. The industry of tourism takes an important place in economy of the majority of the countries. Its development represents the extensive market of workplaces.

The hotel industry as a type of economic activity includes rendering of services and the organization of short-term accommodation in hotels, motels, campings and in other means of placement for remuneration.

The enterprises rendering services have to be placed in an available place (most often on the first a floor. In a lobby, on floors, in numbers there has to be information on that, as well as where to receive services, business hours have to be convenient for guests.

Rendering any services, the personnel has to show a step and a correctness. When rendering services is important not only their quantity, but also quality. Therefore in many hotels living at departure ask to fill in small questionnaires which are given together with keys in service of reception and placement, and then study them in service of advertizing and marketing.

Today the industry of hospitality represents the most powerful system of economy of the region or the tourist center and an important component of economy of tourism. The industry of hospitality is made by various means of collective and individual placement: hotels, hotels, motels, youth hosted also hostels, apartments, tourist shelters, and also the private sector participating in placement of tourists.

Objects of standardization in tourist and excursion service of the population are: realization of tourist and excursion services, tourist travel, promotional and informational services, transport services, household services, food services, cultural and mass services, sports and improving and services of accommodation.

Placement – the most important element of tourism. The hotel industry – an essence of system of hospitality. It proceeds from the most ancient traditions in the history of mankind – respect of the guest, a celebration of its reception and service.