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006 EEC and Greece signed the Agreement on the Associated membership that put to the beginning to parade of statements with a request for membership in the European Communities (Ireland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Norway).

to promote the balanced and sustainable development of economy and the social sphere in the countries members of the EU in settlement terms of internal borders between them and advances to the Economic and currency union.

Failures and obstacles in a way of realization of TASIS are explained by the low speed of response to needs of the partner countries, lack of strategic planning, lack of experience of experts and consultants in the countries of a transition period, a language barrier long time slowed down process of full-scale activity of TASIS. In turn TASIS bureau complains of weak information support from the leading structures of the partner countries."

the replaced euros currency (brand, franc, gulden) already now occupy rather noticeable place in service of the international economic circulation and will hardly lose the positions at a redenomination. It is rather possible to wait for correction of the existing distortions in favor of dollar which at a share of the USA in world export to 15%, serves 48% of calculations in international trade, including considerable part in - in the EU.

The achievement of the purpose having though limited, but crucial importance, namely the French-German production of coal and steel, management which will be the next step it will be entrusted to joint Supreme governing body.

° it is important to achieve parallel interaction of projects that could promote implementation at the same time of several large projects thereby, increase concentration of efforts and remove part of administrative expenses.

° the Author urges to reconsider one of rules TASIS according to which only to 15% of financing go to the equipment. That it is not enough in many cases as the regional infrastructure is not developed and demands big technical capacities."

Continental integration is a way to world integration, awareness of interdependence of integration processes will help mankind to solve world and regional problems. Therefore in the project of the Euroasian union integration processes in the territory of the CIS are projected in a universal integration stream.

It is difficult to understand the right and institutes of the European Union, without following the principle of historicism. It is impossible to forget that Communities are done not stand still, do not remain the stiffened structures, and incessantly develop, passing from one stage of the history into another.