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for the received goods and the rendered services (i.e. by the direct acceptance goods on condition of the reference in an assignment for number and date of the commodity-transport document confirming receiving goods or services by the payer;

Now in connection with transition to market conditions of managing the acceptance form of calculations is cancelled and it is offered to economy to use such forms which assume to exclude dictatorship of the producer in calculations and to make the initiator of a of payment of payers.

Telecommunications agencies pay the arrived translations with cash or transfer of funds for accounts of rewater recipients. Thus the translations addressed to legal are paid only in the non-cash way also with the instructions made in 4 copies on I promise the sum of all translations on each recipient.

Calculations by payment orders have a number of in comparison with other forms of calculations: rather simple and fast document flow, acceleration of cash flow, possibility of the payer of preliminary quality check of the paid goods or services, opportunity to this form of calculations at non-commodity payments that does calculations payment by the most perspective form of calculations.

By continuous and uniform deliveries of goods and rendering services buyers can pay off with suppliers PAYMENT ORDERS as planned payments. In this case calculations are perfromed not on each separate shipment or service, and by periodic transfer of funds from the account of the buyer to the account of the supplier in terms and in a certain sum on the basis of the plan of holiday of goods and services for the forthcoming month, quarter. By such way calculations between trade organizations and their suppliers (meat-processing plants, bakeries, milk plants), between torfopredpriyatiya and power plants, the enterprises can be made for coal, gas, an, metal etc.

The bill which is not paid in due time is shown to notary office with the inventory, contains the following data: - the detailed name and the drawer's address, whose bill is subject to a protest; payment term on the bill; amount of payment;

The PROMISSORY NOTE (solo bill) represents the written document containing simple and nothing the caused obligation of the drawer (the debtor to pay a certain sum of money to a certain time and in a certain place to a of means or his order. The promissory note is by the payer, and in essence it is his debenture.

The notary office in day of acceptance ­ to a protest shows it to the payer with a about payment. If the payer makes payment on the bill in due time, this bill comes back to the payer with an inscription about receipt of payment.

The economic base of clearing settlements production of goods. Thereof the prevailing part of a payment turn (about three quarters) is the share of calculations for commodity operations, i.e. of payments for goods the shipped, performed works, the rendered services.