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Selection and genetic work is necessary for receiving big crops agricultural ­, on increase of intensity of photosynthesis, speed of outflow of assimylyat, on increase in net productivity of a.

The overheat of the planet can lead to thawing of ices in polar regions and in, to a raising of global sea level, to a of the area of the land including occupied with a cultural. If to consider that the population of Earth weekly on 1 ­ 400 thousand people, the extreme of such changes is clear.

Here what rigid are shown to the science which is engaged new grades of cultural plants now — selections. From the it is clear that without close cooperation of selectors with physiologists of plants perspective grades it by the almost.

The vegetation of a terrestrial quite inefficiently solar energy. The coefficient of a useful at the majority of plants makes only 0,2 percent, at it is equal on average to an to percent. At supply of cultural plants with water, with salts the coefficient of use of light increases to four — six percent. is possible the efficiency equal to eight — to ten percent. Comparison of the provided figures speaks about big in increase in a of plants. However their realization great difficulties.